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 It's raining hard outside and I can almost feel the cold seep in through the glass windows that seperate me from the howling wind and pounding precipitation.
I feel quite neglectful of my blog as I have so many stories and memories I wanted to store here but I just never did. I'm sure somewhere inside my messed up head they're still there but for now I'll just deliver a random post.

 Th is is Shoyu Ramen form Tsuta Ramen in Sugamo - the taste was rich accompanied with a silky broth but more than the actual ramen (which has been awarded michelin stars) I treasure the memory. The joy I felt seeing the wood- coloured small shop to waiting in the line and then laughing at how almost every customer was a foreigner, me included.

The taste was rich, and I felt like Tsuta had satisfied my ramen cravings for a while but I miss it. I miss the aftertaste of Japan. The way the rain was drizzling, the sound of the trains, weaving in and out of people I will never see again.

When I leave Japan, it's like I leave a little I bit of my soul there to and when I come back 'home' it doesn't feel like it. I'm more quiet and I feel like I don't belong. Even when I try, I feel like I'm watching and feeling everything through a thick glassy wall, maybe I've been reading to much Murakami novels.

In fact I read two books that resonated with me deeply.
Sputnik Sweetheart - Murakami Haruki
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
These two books are enchanting, captivating and benevolent - although I don't have the words to describe it, they are both masterpieces. These books deliver more than just a novel, a plot - rather a feeling, flashing images and emotion. If you crave escape form this world, even for a mere two hours or so - then pick up these books. I promise you will not regret it because it's more than the miscellaneous plot - it's how you feel after.

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  1. Love ya blog!

  2. Lovely photos! Would love the visit Japan one day x x