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A letter to me,
From me

Sincerely Me (yours truly, a seventeen year old self)

Buried memories and footsteps never withering away as I walked through the same tall green bamboo trees. The continue to grow endlessly, unwavering, tall and proud with purpose towards the light clouded grey sky. Despite the still, hot summer heat, it doesn't affect them one bit. They're just as strong as they were when I walked down the same clandestine path years ago. But now their is no more sound of childhood laughter or that burning excitement of adventure. The feeling of feeling utterly completely accepted, like Japan and us, the children who walked on the dirt were one.
Now just the lingering persistent heat and trees remain.What's changed you ask? Instead of a youthful, optimistic child with boundless energy a confused teenager quickly approaching adulthood lie in the middle of the bamboo forest. 
Walking down the same pace. Holding on to the same past. Searching for something that can't be found. 
Something that doesn't have a word best described as a feeling, a passion, a purpose. To find it I must find myself, uncover something and I know it won't be easy...
It's hard to describe in words, possibly impossible but I know now that if I don't search with all my heart and actual hard work then I will lose something important, some part of me...
I will never be the same.

The city isn't what's changed. The buildings look and feel the same so the only sane explanation is that I've changed.

Summer. The park contrast with the busy people...
Words dwell in my head but right now they're a puzzle, I have all the pieces but instead of trying to fit them together I'm just standing from above, blankly staring. Why are my hands not moving?
The city won't wait for me.

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  1. such inspirational photos and words!! x