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12 years of buried memories lay in my mind. My mind is a scattered mess to try and comprehend the end of school, the utter and sole foundation of who I was. The late night assignments, the tears over broken friendship and drama, sitting and dazing away during lunch times, new crushes, worn out teachers, rusty lockers. The new transitions every year, it honestly passed all in a blink of an eye.

Now there is no more teachers demanding to see your homework or the laughter in the hallways, pleasant and smiling faces in the hallway and finally I realise how truly alone we are. It feels bittersweet

A random sentiment I wrote about the end;
I was standing without a cause, it felt like time had stopped. My eyes tearing up, the wind ever so slightly passing through and looking at the same scene reminiscing. This is the last day ever as a student. All the laughter, the tears, late nights all wrapped up in a turmoil of emotion. I've never felt this raw depression and it cuts cruelly through my bones. The courtyards, ever familiar locker and of chatter with familiar faces, smiling teachers and the feel of a secure backpack on my shoulders. I will never experience this again.

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  1. ahh this is so deep and nostalgic and the photographs are so dreamy. luv it. xo

  2. This is so beautiful, and love the photos. It's so scary to think how quickly time goes:/ x

  3. Ah I remember that feeling. But you've got to be excited for all the things to come!

  4. I understand that feeling, it's scary to grow up...