Bucket list// DREAMS

Aspirations and goals I want to achieve in my lifetime.

  • Skinny dipping
  • Read all of Murakami Haruki in english and Japanese 
  • Write a book in English
  • Visit the gates of Neverland 
  • Wingsuit jump
  • Visit rome
  • See a Aurora at least once in my life (Northern lights)

  • Live in Japan
  • Go to a host club
  • Be Kaneki from tokyo ghoul - cosplay
  • Onsen
  • Write a book in Japanese
Camiguin Island, Philippines

12 May 2018
So I'm going to live in Japan for a year so I want to construct stuff to do so I won't regret:

  • confess my feelings, I'm not exactly sure if this has to be romantic but face to face I want to tell someone how much I love them
  • Take a cute picture with a shiba
  • go to a beach in Japan
  • Go on a really late Maccas run
  • Onsen!!!
  • kyoto bamboo forest
  • Go take a random train by yourself to a small station - talk to locals, eat lunch there and take plenty plenty of photos
  • join a club
  • all night karoke
  • purikura
  • hanami
  • Jigokudani Monkey Park
  • miraikan 
  • Nara
  • See snow