Malaysia// clashing #1 (recap)

by - 5:36 AM

It's been three weeks and four days (approx.) since I've left home and have arrived in Malaysia.

The most significant change was probably leaving my laptop behind, but somehow I coped. Right now I'm back with fast typing easy keys (a borrowed laptop) and that is why I'm back to blogging.

The first stage of my holiday was what I would call clashing; high levels of excitement, clashing and soaking in all the differences. Right now I'm situated in Miri but I might as well write chronologically as it's been easier to follow (for my future reference.)

The first stop was Kuching, also known as the the 'land of cats' and ironically the amount of not cats but dogs was astounding. We stayed in Kuching for four days - mainly eating night market food (noodles) which were great & I did eat a lot. The most noteworthy experiences - fern(Sarawak type of vegetables), Sugar cane straight from the cane(the best thing ever) and the cat statues everywhere, which added the purrfect character to the town.

The contrast

Bako National park

To be surrounded in an empty vastness, the rundown boat speeding, nothing but sea and trees. Giggling yet in awe.
Oh Malaysia, you have such sweetness, yet an emptiness that I can't explain.

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