Hidden Garden// Roses

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At the heart of swan Valley the most adoring hidden garden and restaurant is enclosed full of roses and delicious food.  
The dessert was so gush worthy and the presentation made the simple ingredients seem like a delicacy. The caversham restaurant is actually a wedding and venue for sweeping weddings and actually won the 2012 best wedding venue of WA. 
 Swan valley has many historical sights and we went about exploring all over, the old red roads and the fancy architecture.
 As sunday ritual we first stopped be at the market where I found this army jacket which has been a part of the Croatian army at one part and immediately fell in love. On the jackets right breast a golden eagle has been stitched in and the same with the cuff of the arms with the lettering pilot. I was surprised to see how camouflaging it was.

In all honesty I'm so glad that exams are over but I've been so dense with the fast moving pace off everything that I think I've just stopped trying for a little while but hopeful there'll be a positive turn from the inside. I'm so glad for new relationships and new Favorites I've incorporated in my life. I think that'll be a new post. My blogs been so lifestyle that I've kind of been ignoring a lot of usual stuff so I'll be sure to return.
ciao & all my love

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  1. That looks like such a beautiful place! I am glad I am not the only one who got caught up in the fast pace of exams that I kinda maybe stopped trying for a while >_<. Glad that they are all over for you too x


  2. I totally agree, exams were definitely a stressful phase but now we can enjoy the freedom again :)

  3. Lovely pictures! The food looks amazing :)

    Fine Clic

  4. great pictures ! lovely foods :)


  5. aww the food is so mouth watering! And the statues are beautiful <3


  6. Lovely photos - it all looks great!
    Love Emina


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  7. looks stunning<3 thanks for sharing this made my day
    follow for follow?:)