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One year is gone and revisiting my 2015 new years resolution I've realized that I achieved a lot more than  though I would. Time flew by so quickly it's scary, there is so much uncertainty but I geuss there's only one way to confront life, which is head on. We become who we want by the effort we put in.

I believe in hard work will breed success. Despite that we mustn't forget our morals and ethics but even more significantly that we are all against a race of time. Time is important, it's one of the few thing's that can't be taken bacl. Originally I wasn't even going to do a post, I thought it's just another year but acknowledging change is important, therefore we set goals so we can finish all the things we could possibly want.   So goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016.

Hotel View, Miri

+ Successfully, somehow graduated year 11
+ Watched plentiful of great animes and dramas
   Anime(few Favourites) ; Charlotte, Black butler, Full metal Alchemist
   Drama: Last cinderella, Algernon ni hanataba o, zettai kareshi
+ Settled into a new house (for now)
+ Set goals - started planning the future

+Wagged school; ate lots of sushi and studied ~ passed my test
+Rekindled with Facebook
+ Traveled - by myself and another friend at the age of sixteen (Malaysia)
+ Worked Overseas; Pastry trainee
+Also my first job, probably the first of many
+ Read more of Murakami Haruki and decided he is my favourite author
+Went clubbing and drank on new years eve.

Rewrite: New Resolutions; 2016
+ Graduate; study hard
+Get an ATAR over 72
+ Be less shy, not let my last year of high school go to waste
+ Visit Japan (I need to see my family:( )
+ Actually do some volunteer work
+ Find another miracle book or author
+Gain at least one certificate
+Finish my book
+Start to find my own style. (Wear at least 3 looks I'm uncomfortable with)
+Stop being a concert virgin

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  1. Hurrah for passing school! And good luck for this year too :) I hope you get to go to Japan. x Rebecca -

  2. All the best in your studies dear. I'm visiting Japan this year too! Which part are you from?

    Real Life Nerd //

    1. ooh lucky! I hope you have lots of fun & make lots of memories! I'm from Tokyo, although I live in Australia.

  3. Awesome! Have a great 2016 and may you achieve all your goals!

  4. I would love to visit Japan, I think it's such a cool place! Congrats on your first job by the way!
    Aleeha xXx