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So it's finally Autumn.
and a few things have changed.
Such as;
- I'm living alone now that my mum has gone to Japan. I thought it would be super cool to live alone but in reality I really miss the cooked meals and most days I just end up eating cereal.
- I've changed the format of my room a little bit and now I have no actual room and it's literally a BEDroom because my bed takes up 90% of my space. I guess it's because it's getting so cold recently and I love spending time under my blankets.
-I'm getting ready to go to Japan which is making me feel like my last 3 months here, in Australia, should be spent as valuably as possible. I'm more nervous, scared and sad rather than happy and I feel so confused but I guess it is a little bit exciting.

But on another note, as you can tell from the pictures I went to a permission festival!! My best friends and I took a thirty minutes drive. Last Saturday consisted of capturing a lot (I mean a lot) of photos at this wonderful little orchard and just adventuring around. There were different types of trees but the real stand out plants were the permission trees where all the leaves were a glowy sunken orange and countless bundles of fruit hung from them.

It was so relaxing to just spent time all together and I'm so glad to have them in my life, especially since it's been so dull and rainy recently and I've been feeling quite under the weather.

I hope you all enjoy time with ur friends, good weather n plenty of tasty fruit.

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  1. these pics are so beautiful, they're so warming and totally evoke the closeness of your friendships. Your next few months sound super challenging but also exciting and its so normal to feel scared and nervous about it all, I know I am and I'm only moving to a different city. Also, totally know I'd only eat cereal if my mum moved away ahahah. All my closest friends come home for the summer in a few weeks and these pics have made me even more excited, I'm just counting down the days until memories can be spent like the ones above. AH lovely. Embrace the change, however it feels!x

  2. Aw such lovely photos! I live in Australia too and gotta say I love how autumn's been looking, despite the rocky weather! Hope you have a good last few months in Aus though! x

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  3. This is so funny that we have summer when you have autumn :) Love the colors, autumn is my absolute fav. I live for it.

  4. aww these pictures are so so cute <3 thank you for sharing them xx

  5. These photos are stunning and perfectly capture your friendship and autumn, it fills me with so much happiness. I hope the last months in Australia treat you well and that Japan symbolises new beginnings to embrace :) lovely post x


  6. Oh how I'd love to get one of these fruits!

  7. aw I love these photos, they capture autumn so well!! hope you enjoy Australia and then Japan!!

    Tasha x