About Me

I am seventeen, an introvert who avidly loves to read, watch way to many episodes of anime and waste time listening to music. I live in Perth and my childhood consisted of searchng and eating blackberries, swimming and being pushed of jetties and staring at the city from tree branches. Japan is my second home and I miss the busy streets and city lights a little to much.
Right now I'm still quite lost with no clear direction but I'm sure that we, humans, all end up somewhere.
My favourite word: 切ない: meaning painful and can be applied in many situations such as love.
Nostalgic: A reminder of the past, feeling familiar
Favourite Author/ books: Murakami Haruki, anything science fiction, Momo by Michael Ende
Dramas: GTO, Gokusen, Tokyo love story
Music: Goodbye days, Yui, 未来予想図Ⅱ - Dreams come true, Mr Children, Ozaki, Weaver, Honeyworks, galileo galilei, One ok rock
Others; The Script, Coldplay, The Fray, IU, Epik High