by - 6:02 AM

Raw emotion. It's been a while since I've just stopped and pondered on my surroundings.

 "If you stand for nothing. You'll fall for anything” One Ok Rock. That is why I've decided to pursue my goals based on what little I know because no matter how little, there is no doubt. I would rather regret doing something after I've failed then never pursue it at all.

A random thought;
I like the pink sky, that appears for just moments, the soft watercolour sky. I can see the sky in him and I feel so far because he's untouchable but for those few passing eclipses I look around me and I feel excited, when the sky is pink it arises an unfamiliar emotion, then the pink fades to a purple to eventually a black.
I'm wading in the purple right now but in just a blink it will be over, this feeling. As we race against time there can be to many questions, to many doubts. That's why I needed seconds to breathe. Walking along the beachside Alone while watching the colours slowly change, I hope to be enveloped in stars. Music loud in my ear, thinking of nothing and everything at once. It was one of those walks, an enigma that I don't want to solve."

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