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Yesterday: I blankly stare at the keys while  my finger throbs, the truth is I don't know what to write anymore.

I was honestly going to give up because I didn't know anymore.

The tide seems to sweep away time and I found myself delighted in new founded curiosity, slowly collecting salmon shell pink corals from the seaside. Recently I've been prone to the notion of wasted youth, mainly sleeping in bed all day and only feeling any excitement before drinking myself into oblivion of fake confidence however today was definitely one of the days that I felt inner childlike bliss. I used to adore day trips to the beach. The sun was my best friend. There was always a sense of thrill, dipping my feet into the unsympathetic cold water and after a while feeling the warmth of the ocean. Times have changed but my wonder at the vast, powerful ocean really hasn't. Sitting by the edge of rocky transformations and watching the waves clash so powerfully to the point, that for a few seconds the boundless deep blue wave transfigures to a myriad of whitish foam. I could stare the sea for hours. It gives me the feeling and the courage that I too can achieve something because we are so insignificant and small.

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  1. Ocean has a way of making you feel small but never inisignificant , ever drop counts!


  2. omg those sunsets!! your photography is so beautiful and now I really want to go see the sea!!

    Tasha x