New year, new tears!!

by - 7:42 PM

2016 was shit to be frank.
Although I did immensley enjoy the final year of highschool I must admit I did not cope well at all with the frequent tests, stress and solitude that I cocooned myself in.
A lot has happened in December where I felt like myself again.
Firstly I started learning Japanese again. I baked a christmas cake. I got a job. I read many novels, especially Dan Brown ones ~Inferno is definately a favourite. I watched many many good movies, a must mention would probably be `Like father, like son.`I became a tutor. It was a extremley heartwarming film and I was quite literally in tears. I also fell in love with `Lefty Hand cream` Music covers.

+Graduated year 12!!
+Sorted out fake friends and real friends
+Gained a certificate
+Went to Japan
+Made a lot of memories and new friends
+ Watched a lot of movies

Rewrite new resolutions; 2016
+Blog 3 looks I love but am uncomfoable with
+Take care of my skin ~ No soft drinks, junk food and sunprotection
+Be kinder
+Exercise at least 2 a week
+Join a japanese speaking job!!
+Join a club in Uni
+Study hard

That all being said, it`s a new year. I hope you all take on this year, confidently . It`s true, we will all stumble, there will be plenty of new memories, new friends, heartbreak and new tears but there will be new memories, new laughter and new directions we will all take. It`s up to us what attitude we wil take and which path we will walk. I hope that you all have a wonderful year, I really reallly do!

 This year is a 365 page book. Write a good one!

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  1. Happy new year!!! Those are some good resolutions to try and stick by! Zoe xo

  2. Good luck with everything, I'm hoping this year treats you and your blog well ;)

  3. Happy new year! Hope this 2017 will be better!

  4. Happy new year! I used 2016 to sort of fake friends from the real ones too, and I really learnt a lot:/ This year is a blank canvas and we all have so much to explore and do! x