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 I saw the same sight I had seen before but this time everything seemed more sparkly. It's not often I go out with just simply a camera and an open mind but that was exactly what I didn't, just to reconnect with where I had once stood.

Flowers were abundant and ample but I took more pictures exploring hidden trees and unwalked paths than focus on the tulips.

 I'm not sure why but I believe this is my favourite picture that I've taken. It was quick, in the momentum flash and it hold so much beauty. The contrast of the dark shadows, the gradient of the lush green. None of these pictures are edited but they all hold their won our beauty. There is quite a mysterious edge.

This reminds me of childhood. As a child I believed in 'make believe' and 'fairy tales.' The soft pink edges and darker core of the flower is quite beautiful.
My recent music: Saekano 冴えない彼女の育て方 ED - カラフル。(Asterisk DnB Remix), 【Silent Siren】「alarm」MUSIC VIDEO full ver.【サイレントサイレン】, indigo la End - 雫に恋してv

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  1. wow these are such beautiful photos. It's becoming so dark and all the flowers are dying here. It's so lovely to see those trees blossoming! x x

  2. beautiful photos, those flowers are gorgeous! It definitely looks like a fairytale setting x

  3. Beautiful photographs, I won't be seeing anything like that in the UK now it's autumn!
    Aleeha xXx