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 These past few weeks have sped through in a blur and I'll recount more in my second post but yesterday was mum's birthday and honestly it was a confusing yet crazy time. Despite the perfect planning, cake, gifts and a restaurant I was looking forward to it didn't turn out that well.

Instead it turned out to be stressful solemn ending. But on the bright side the cake was really good and I'm excited to try the body shop products// I'll probably share with my mum haha.

 I really really liked the cake and was definitely my favourite.
 I thought that the cake was adorable and I took heaps and heaps of pictures. Despite the drama of the day it signifies another passing year. Recently I've been contemplating a lot about time but I'll leave that to post number 2.

This was the present for my mum and honestly the products smelt so nice & the theme was green tea- the scent was refreshing and it made me really happy. Although it was very pricy I think that aesthetic is important, the ingredients and packaging was minimalistic but overall has good value. I think it was the perfect gift.

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