Chicken and books

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 My blogging has been rather inconsistent recently because I've been more lost in my thoughts and directions of the world.  I'm reading a book called Expresso Love and I've just been able to really mourn over the hopelessness of directions, the empowerment of routine and escaping the bubble of conformity - in all wandering thoughts aside I've been a lot healthier and open minded.

It's so hard to talk to people though and a lot of the time it leaves disputes in awkward silences. There is unclarity in my thinking and my emotions are in a state of disarray so I've spent less time conversing and more time burying my head in books, quite literally.   This month alone I've already read Red queen, The selection (3 books so far) and started on another .I wasn't going to post this at the start but my blog has become a collective of my thoughts and memories so it was quite necessary, all things aside I've been up & busy - the never ending homework, social sites and many many small chai lattes.

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  2. ugh this blog is goals af... mind if i ask the name of the author of expresso love? sounds good x

    1. wow thankyou so much! Sure, his name is takatsu and you can read all his books online for free on wattpad (:

  3. Don't even get me started on all the homework! It's been 2 weeks since i started school after the holidays and I've already had over 20 pieces of homework... yes i did count them!
    Aleeha xXx