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A day full of laughs, conversations and failed attempts at playing a game but also a day of sore feet, tired limbs and the reminder that exams are upcoming,
Hilary’s was exciting to say the least, travelling through small shopping arcades and eating enormous amounts of sweetness.

Today we ended up matching and we’ve really become like twins recently. Friends so similar your always matching in clothes, foods and things to do. Wearing the same black fluffy top as me we ended up uncanny, matching our cute lunches we set off to enjoy what Hilary’s had to offer. Crystal azure calm waters with cute little bout house stores & stores
After fulfilling myself with Fro-Yo we saw a beautiful sand sculpture made of entirely sand and water. The day was full of happy memories and very sore feet with my fully black outfit and killer boots.

I’ve just been so stressed for exams though and I’ve barley had the time to write any of my feelings, or blog, take any photographs or even remotely direct my course in life. I mean how do they expect us to know where were headed in life?

On a side note if you’ve never ever read Kafka on the shore by Murakami Haruki then I wholeheartedly recommend it, the novel is enticing, eccentric and just out worldly~ it leaves you with a feeling, there is no descriptive way to explain or prepare you for this book so if you do have the time then do read it.
The novel will confuse and bewitch you, explore love, sex, cats, metaphysics, adolescence, the list is endless. The book can’t be fathomed into words but I do love it dearly and has left me bewitched.

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  1. this looks like such a fun day, lovely post! xx

  2. This place totally rocks! wish I could go there. thanks for the visit dear =)

  3. nice shots! those fries look so great :)

  4. Such cool photos.

  5. lovely pictures :)

  6. oooh I love these photos, this looks like you had a great day xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts