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What a hectic Saturday, it was turmoils of events and emotions. It started with a negative note ~ I really wanted to blog something but I couldn’t think of a single thing and I had forgotten my school books for an upcoming  then throughout the day I started to commence little calming ideas// listening to Michael Jackson we drove to the crystal blue sea sheets of Rockingham beach, I had a lot of thoughts and a lot of stress lingering on me so this is what helped me a bit over the two day weekend.

This was probably really obvious but baths really are therapeutic, they have a way to just let all your worries float away and lets time come to a stop. I have just been in love with the warm waters. I recently went to lush and bought a bath bomb for the first time ever, well two actually.  As a quick review I will write just a few words for the bath bomb that I bought:
SAKURA (click here)//
I had to admit it was a hard pick but the colours were so lilac and gentle, an adoration of pastel pink and cobalt how could I resist. Not only that but the smell is really just unwinding. Sweet yet engulfs you in an passionate silky scent, it's a must have.

If you don’t have a scent diffuser then candles are just as easing but for me Aromatherapy has just been my go to during times of stress. The reason is that first of all it goes both ways girls and boys but you can choose what smell.
My personal favourites are:
Rose Otto with 2.5% Jojoba oil: The queen of oils
 uplifting and settling and beneficial during times of stress Brings temporary relief to headaches.
Neroli: settles and relaxes mind and body
Helps relieve nervous unrest, provides relief of insomnia and mild anxiety.
Jasmine Absolute: Emotionally warming and exhilarating to mind and body
Jasmine is an exotic oil which instils confidence and helps uplift the spirit, Helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety~ reputed as a aphrodisiac.
The Pack I have is here but you can find aromas in many stores in many scents so its fun to explore.
For boys or girls who are less into flowery scents me and my brother have been loving Peppermint, Teatree, Lemongrass, Orange, Eucalyptus.  If you don’t have a aromatherapy you can get them anywhere such as dusk or Aromatherapy.

Tea is intrinsic.
Green tea or lemon, honey ginger are my favourite but I think we all have our own medley of teas so if you actually read all of this then please do recommend your favourite tea!

Hope you all have an unstressful week~

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  1. Lavender is my favourite scent, it is supposed to really relaxing and helps insomnia. I'm a huge fan of tea and I drink it every day. In the mornings I love Earl Grey tea with soy milk and in the afternoons peach green tea is my current favourite. Keep thinking positive thoughts and you will create your happiness!

    1. Lavender really smells really good! Peach tea sounds delightful, thankyou!

  2. I have love having Lush baths as a way of relaxing! I haven't tried 'Sakura', but I love 'twilight'!

    1. will try, still pretty new but sakuras scent really was relaxing.

  3. Wow what a wonderful post, I too have had the most stressful time recently, you really have some great ideas of ways to relax. AMAZING photos as usual to ^_- xx

  4. Super cute post x

  5. I definitely need one to de-stress too!

    The Flower Duet

  6. These are great ways to de stress! I might just have to get a bath bomb and have a nice relaxing bath too soon! x x

  7. some lovely de stressing tips, bath bombs are definitely the best ways to unwind :)

    Zoe xo

  8. Great pictures! The food looks amazing haha. Thanks for checking out my blog :) Ruby