Touch the sky

by - 11:23 PM

 Sometime's we all need to take a moment to sit down and take it all in. Life can be busy and you can forget what is important.  The holidays are flying by and I haven't really coiled so yesterday I took a hearty walk and took the scene in with the family. The bright pink sky turning to an mellow yellow colour before the sky fell into oblivion. I watched it all, walking aimlessly// taking snapshots of the sky with a goofy smile on my face before realizing I was happy in that moment there.


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  1. The photographs are absolutely beautiful! So stunning. x x

  2. Your photographs are beautiful, seriously! I'm so jealous that you get to see them views - its totally different to where I live! Honestly, stunning! <3

  3. I love moments like this, where you just unwind and observe the wonders of nature and not worry about a thing...

  4. Omgsh I love this blog post Omgsh I love the sky and I'm always taking pics . This has inspired me to do a similar post
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