Lights will Guide us/ New years resolution

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It has been a convivial year to say the least.I'm still finding it relatively difficult to wrap my head around the notion that another year has been presented to me on a golden plate. This year has been consuming me of my sleep due to restlessness. 2014 has been ardent with studies, friends and books. The change of the year I lay awake awed not at the darkness of the sky but at  the brightness of the stars. AND PAST THE dark blue water there was countless little lights all beaming and I inwardly knew that Perth will always be home to me because I understood the reverence of never really knowing your city but I do. I know my city inside out, I've instilled footsteps forever. I know where the quirky little corner cafes are, the graffiti, the little passages that people have left on the wall and throughout my 10 year I've installed myself in the city. And no matter how dark the night is, how hard next year gets - just past the river my city, my home sits with all my happiest memories bundled up, guiding me to start anew. And now for my hearty recollection of 2014.
+ Had a sentimental summer and start to 2014.
+ Made new unexpected friends and gotten closer to them.
+ Followed my pledge to read more
+ Adored the nights and days
+ Had a school year where everything changed.
+ Let go of the negative thoughts.
+ Dealed with highs and lows of emotion.
+ Danced, partied and celebrated a heck of a lot.
+ Appreciated new art/media forms.
+ Been outside plentiful.
+Lost myself in some fantastic music.
+Struggled through exams.
+Become Happier.
This new year is going to be unforgettable with new resolutions and dreams. Here is the rigt way to ravel through your new beginning. This year has been arduos with so many unaccountable frames left in my hair. Visiting the city that never sleeps 日本 - Endless sleepovers, praying, trying wide accounts of food, laughing, crying, staying up late studying, stress, ripping up papers and strain. But it has also been contentious year full of laughter, dancing, reading, sharing secrets and making friends that support me no matter what. 

I just physically can't imagine what life will be like in year 11. I can already imagine many sleepless nights with many responsibilities anew. I can vaguely feel the difference in my bones of steeping into a new year. The summer has given me an new outwardly glow and I've been recluse in new dreams and plans for 2015//

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  1. I love this photography and your layout! happy new year x