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After a few days of procrastination I've finally decided to do the liebster award.
I have been nominated by Zoelouise & Sian. Than-you so much.An award which aims to enable new comer blogs to be discovered.

When nominated for the Liebester award you answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.  Then you nominate other new blogs and set them 11 questions to answer over on their blogs.

1. What made you start blogging?
I've always adored photographs and the notion of capturing moments in which we live by. Blogging would be able to capture memories, thoughts and photographs. 
2. What are your passions in life? 
I have many passions just not in depth, I try to enjoy everything as it is but I would have to admit I have a passion for photography and art. Don't get me wrong I have no talent for art but art is so beautiful because it is a canvas of emotions and time that the painter has invested in. I love makeup, just having an abundance of it makes me happy. I have a strong passion for animals and trees// I will get really upset if someone cuts down a tree that I've had a connotation with or any animal abuse.
3. If you had the chance to drop everything with no hassle and go anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
Wanderlust. I would really go anywhere but places that I've always wanted to visit are Bali,California. Tokyo and Africa. Bali seems like heaven, I love anything tropical and all the palm trees// also if you have read my very short About me then you would view that my two favorite models, Mimi and Inka come from Bali. California has an abundance of dreams I would visit, disney land, Michael jackson and my favorite siblings (Jaden & Willow). Tokyo because its my hometown blood wise. Anywhere everywhere with rainforest (preferably monkeys & tigers & elephants)

4. Name three things you love about yourself?
collarbones,the little freckles on my lower lid and eyelashes.
5. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
A monkey.
6. Love, money, or fame? 
I am very loved right now by my family and friends so probably fame// with fame comes money & change which I would use in building a monkey sanctuary/ elephant santuary and tigers. Better homes for all furry & non furry.
7. Where is your 'happy place' ?
My 'Happy place would have to be the old willow in my old house. I used to climb it when I was sad and sit high on the branches, windswept looking down or reading books.
8. Favourite quote/saying to live by?
Rather childish but "Me forget, never" From peter pan because when he said it he was smiling but you cold see how sad his eyes were and I realized that even when you can no longer see something you love you will never forget the memories you had with them.
9. What makes you smile the most?
Truthfully movies (or sometimes God)
10. Would you rather have perfect skin with bad hair, or perfect hair with bad skin?
Skin & Hair comes from the goodness we eat// but to answer perfect skin because they'res so many ways to try fake hair.
11. If you had the chance to see your future without altering it, would you? 
I would not// at least right now we have al the choices in the world.

This was such a hefty response.
I now nominate; would've done more but I just could not find anyone else.

Music recommendations?
Someone who has changed you for the better?
Favorite movie?
Something you noticed about someone special and kept to your heart? (like how his eyebrows furrow when he's confused)
Favorite memory?
hardest choice?
What made you cry last?
Favorite picture and why?

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  1. Ah that Peter Pan quote, beautiful! Thanks for your nomination!

  2. Your answers are so beautiful! The Peter Pan quote really touched me too! x x

  3. I love Peter Pan! Plus that photo is super cute!! xxx


  4. Hello Dear :* This post is great !
    Do you want to follow each other? or can you click in link on my last post? :)

    1. thankyou & sure I'll check out your blog xx

  5. It's so lovely to know more about fellow bloggers!! :))


  6. That Peter Pan quote is lovely! Great answers as well ☺

  7. Love your blog! Just followed you on Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)

    Michaella from

  8. Your Blog looks amazing! Great answers!

    Luana :

  9. I love tropical places as well! I agree with your answer to number 11. There's a bliss in not knowing sometimes. :)

  10. Wow, I really enjoyed your answers, especially about your passions (beautiful)! :)

  11. I love reading your blog it makes me think about changes I want to make in my life