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 Yesterday was an eventful day, walking around, watching the sunset and eating at my favorite restaurant. I found this quaint outdoor eat, enclosed in tropical palms, catchy band music and mouth-watering food. I have been keen to find time to just reconcile with the things I enjoy// I've been feeling a little sad lately because I moved house and all my memories since I was a small child are all trapped there. I reflected a lot.

The cafe I found is in perth (and if you do ever visit perth it's a must try) It is called The como. It has a selection of really good tunes and food.

PCH CRUISING is my favorite track right now because of the tempo and the lyrics.

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  1. Love these images! Your blog is making me miss LA a lot! I know how it feels to be homesick, but hang in there!

    Chowing Down by the Bay