CYAN waves.

by - 5:06 AM

The sea was cyan blue.
And the sun shone brighter then it had before. Marking the beginning of a fruitful year// I haven't been contemplating much just letting my mind wander under the pressure. Swimming held me in an equanimity state, it was like being frozen in time while capturing the beauty of the rocky pools, windswept sand and the glistening of the fish in the shallow lagoon.
 (making friends with fur ball bristles)

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  1. What lovely pictures Aiko... the sky has so many nice colors ♡♡♡

  2. beautiful pictures, I wish you luck with blogging! x

  3. BEAUTIFUL PICS AND SWIMSUIT!!! hope to see more in the future (:

  4. Wow I love this, beautiful! x

  5. really likes these pics: the sky is so incredibly blue** I love the light on the left in the last and first photo<3

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kateidoscope